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Ways To Hide Hair Loss

4 Ways to Hide Damaged Hair

Very disturbing appearance of damaged hair. Signs of unhealthy hair is cracked, branched, dry, stiff and brittle at the ends. The best way to end  damaged hair is to cut and treated with a cream bath and hair spa. But sometimes, we did not get to come to the salon for a haircut. For a while, there is a great […]

New Karina Smirnoff Long Curls Hair Cuts

Treating Hair Tips Extention

There are a few tips that can help keep the hair extensions last longer:   Treating Hair Tips Extention It is advisable to choose how to braid extensions by using a rubber ring or braid (adjusted to the thickness of the hair and conditions the hair). For fine hair types, but a lot of rubber braid is recommended because it […]

2014 Brown Hairstyle Trends

Inexpensive Tips Hair Masque

Dry hair is the initial damage to the hair such as hair loss and split ends. Not to mention exposure to dust, dirt, sunlight and air that often make the hair moisture loss. Solution to consume water and fruits and vegetables are not enough. We still have to do some extra care to keep hair moisture.   Inexpensive Tips Hair […]

How To Make A Hair Mask For Damaged Hair

Know Symptoms Make Damaged Hair

Hair is the crown for both men and women, especially for women’s hair is one of the supporters of her beauty radiates. But there are some things to watch out for causing the hair to be broken. Some symptoms causes hair to become damaged making them, dandruff, Thin and Limp Hair, Dry Branching and Stress   Know Symptoms Make Damaged […]

How To Overcome White Hair Problems

Really Overcome Problems Hair Shampoo?

Washing the hair may be a regular agenda for you. Especially for those who frequently move out of the room, shampoo reliable enough to remove all dirt. Shampoo was promised many things, ranging from a healthy scalp, black hair, strengthens hair color, hair protects from the sun, to make each strand becomes soft. But how can you ensure that the […]