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Hair Care Tips For Dry Hair

This How to Overcome Dry Hair

Hair dry and unruly hair is one problem that is often experienced by women in Indonesia. Over 50 percent of women in Indonesia have dry hair condition. “Dry hair occurs due to lack of moisture and the right balance between protein and hair’s natural oils,” said Hernie Prog – Hair Care Marketing Director, PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk as Dove Nourishing […]

Washing Hair After Pregnancy,

Caring for Hair After Childbirth

After the birth of the baby, the condition of your hair will undergo drastic changes due to the instability of the hormone. Hair has suddenly become very oily, loss, and not shiny. This unusual course, which is important you be patient.   Caring for Hair After Childbirth You can change the hairstyle to change the appearance, refreshing, and a huge […]

Shave In The Direction Of Hair Growth

The Direction of Hair growth

Determine the direction of hair growth in hair fall. Hair grows through a cycle that includes three kinds of growth:   The Direction of Hair growth 1. Anagen period: the hair grows because of increased number of cells in mitosis of hair bulb of approximately the length of a thousand days 2. Katagen period: membranes and connective tissue around the […]

Best Long Hairstyles,

Trends for Long Hair

Trends for long hair Long hair hairstyles allow a multitude of possible while remaining within the traditional and modernized over time. Smoothed wand or curly gypsy, your hair will be even brighter. To release the neck, ponytail strict remains to this day timeless. Carried high with a bit separate you adopt a hairstyle sophisticated and elegant at the same time. […]

Long Straight Hairstyle

2014 Straight Hairstyles Care with Simple Tips

Thin straight hair, if you had this type of hair texture that tends to look limp except when using the roller. Besides hair type is also easy to dirty this is why you should wash it every day. 2014 Straight Hairstyles Care with Simple Tips Wash with a volumizing shampoo and then coated with a volumizing conditioner. When will blow […]