New Nicole Richie Bangs Hairstyles

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Layer forms a long bangs and tapered at the sides adds gentle on the square face shape. However, cut bangs like this need to emphasize proper technique, otherwise it can easily meet your face. Ask your stylist to cut just below the eyebrow bangs, bangs make a longer piece on the side of the face so they do not cover […]

2014 Short Bob Hairstyle,

History of Bob Hairstyles Reviews

The origin of the emergence of bob hair style starts at the beginning of the 20th century. During that short-cut hair to a taboo for women of Europe. But a leader of the French army named Jeanne d’Arc dismissed the taboo. Jeanne d’Arc to cut his hair until the extent of the neck. Finally, a short piece Jeanne widely followed […]

Spring Hairstyles 2014

Prominent Hair Spring 2014

Prominent Hair Spring 2014 |¬†Hair trends as well as fashion trends are clearly shown on the catwalk. Especially the spring of 2013 witnessed a series of new hair trends and highlights the most exciting fashion season – spring. Summarizing these trends will help you choose the right hairstyle for you this year. Natural beauty crowned Simple hairstyles are back with […]

Long Natural Curly Hair

Quick Ways to Make Long Hair With Natural Ingredients 4

The majority of women crave beautiful long hair, having long hair can cause attraction for her performance. You are interested to have long hair? Easy really “here I will give you powerful tips that can accelerate the growth of your hair care panang faster than you do in the salon. Try a surefire way to make long hair fast with […]

2014 Prom Hairstyles

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Luscious curls and soft waves are the prom hairstyles fashion trend these days. Pop divas the choice of a Prom girl style generally affected to a great extent. In line with this trend, this year ‘in style’ prom hairstyles are multiple layers and curls of hair around the face, a seductive feminine look.     After all, that’s what prom […]

Short Choppy Hairstyles

New short hairstyle of Robert Pattinson at the Golden Globes Awards 2014

New short hairstyle¬†Robert Pattinson, star of Twilight, known for its famous cut of graying hair that breaks all the girls chose a radical change for the Golden Globes Awards 2014. Why Robert Pattinson cut is also short hair? Mower problem or is it to launch a new fashion 2013? The staff meltyStyle is the new look a bit too serious […]