Nicole Richie Bangs Haircut

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Layer forms a long bangs and tapered at the sides adds gentle on the square face shape. However, cut bangs like this need to emphasize proper technique, otherwise it can easily meet your face. Ask your stylist to cut just below the eyebrow bangs, bangs make a longer piece on the side of the face so they do not cover […]

Hair Loss Straightening

Caring for Hair Rebonding and Smoothing in

Rebonding and smoothing, hair straightening is a process that makes a wayward hair look naturally straight. Hair that has been doing this process, it needs good care and regular. How to hair care after rebonding or smoothing that durable good result, to do them with the following tips:   Caring for Hair Rebonding and Smoothing in 1. Clean your hair […]

Short Curly Hairstyles

4 Key Conquering Curly Hair

Curly or frizzy hair must be kept moisture. When it is dry, unruly hair so it would look rumpled and unkempt. Of course you do not want this to happen. For that to owners of curly hair, know the four keys to treating and arranging. Hair look became more neat, because it is easy to set.   4 Key Conquering […]

Teen Hairstyles With Long Hair

Girls Teen Hairstyles Look Nice and Beauty

During adolescence, girls want to get something interesting and get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Many teenage girls to experiment to show the perfect hair style and fit. However, a lot of teenage girls make the mistake of using hair products that are not good for health and dangerous. teen hairstyles for young women look attractive, because […]

Curly Hair Styles For Black Woman

Let The Hair Dry So Original and Evasive Use of Hair Dryers

As described above, the hair is weak in hot conditions then use a hair dryer would pervert the hair more easily. The hot wind generated by the hair dryer would pervert the structure of protein for your hair so your hair will become brittle and easily broken.   Let The Hair Dry So Original and Evasive Use of Hair Dryers […]

Anna Sophia Medium Length Bob Hairstyle,

2014 Medium Length Bob Hairstyles

The bob is a very popular style these days, mainly because celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes have been sporting. However, most of the variations are quite short bob haircut. If you feel uncomfortable wearing a short haircut and not feel that it looks good on you, you may want to consider a medium length bob hairstyle.   […]