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Short Japanese Hairstyles

Women Asian Short Hairstyles for 2014

There is a wide variety of Asian Short Hairstyles available for the person looking for one. Indeed, taking into account the vastness of cultures who regard themselves Asia, the number of Asian short hairstyles to choose from is so large that one can never really explore them all, and one actually has to just go with the Asian short hairstyles […]

2014 Aimee Mullins Long Hairstyle

Hair Care for Curly Hair

Knowing how to care for curly hair is very important. You also need to know about hair care products are suitable for curly hair. The right styling products and tools are also necessary in order to get perfect results. Consider the following tips to care for your curly hair.   Hair Care for Curly Hair Shampooing with a curl shampoo […]

Women Hairstyles Color for 2014

Hair Coloring Can Make Cancer?

Hair coloring can be done to camouflage gray hair. However, is it true hair dyes cause cancer? Indeed, the researchers still have not agreed on this. Some of the chemicals contained in hair dyes are believed to be absorbed through the scalp. This area has so many blood vessels, which will drain these chemical substances to other body parts. It’s […]

What Appearance Women Look For In Men Attire

Habit Destroyer Appearance Women

The Eve in appearance, especially the makeup and body treatment, often make bad habits that can actually bring disaster. What is it? Reported Sheknows, following some bad habits that often women are bad for performance.   Habit Destroyer Appearance Women Never wash your makeup brushes Cosmetic brush you put on the makeup bag is a hotbed of disease and germs. […]

Victoria Justice Straight Haircuts

Rainy Season Arrives, Extra Time for Hair Care

Hair needs special care during the rainy season the humidity. Especially if you travel frequently. Here are some tips you can do to treat hair during the rainy season, as quoted from the book written by the beauty surrounding Naviri Team and published by PT Elex Media Komputindo.   Rainy Season Arrives, Extra Time for Hair Care First, often do […]