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Long Hair Layered Styles Women

Long Layered hairstyles Women Galleries

Layered hairstyles are more suitable for long wavy hair and hairstyling in layered hair adds a heavy look to them. Wavy layered hairstyles can be maintained casually at home or go for shopping. You can carry out at a party and also at a formal meeting.   Long Layered hairstyles Women Galleries   Preserving wavy layered hair is very easy […]

How To Change Hair Growth Direction

The Direction of Hair growth

Determine the direction of hair growth in hair fall. Hair grows through a cycle that includes three kinds of growth:   The Direction of Hair growth 1. Anagen period: the hair grows because of increased number of cells in mitosis of hair bulb of approximately the length of a thousand days 2. Katagen period: membranes and connective tissue around the […]

Short Hair Accessories 2014

Accessories Short Hairstyle for Girl

Who says short hair style block you? With the right accessories, your hair can look stunning. Choose one of the accessories that fit and make your hair look ‘glam’. Suppose headbands blink-blink like the picture above. After that, you can set the texture and accent hair gel.  

Paris Hilton Ponytail Hairstyle

Beautiful Ponytail Hairstyles for Women

Sounds like young women hairstyle? Hm, wait a minute. Since the last few years, the hair stylist has done a lot of adjustments to the hair is styled to look stylish ponytail. If arranged properly, ponytail can look stylish and elegant. If tied back, the hair will help make the face look more fresh. Sometimes, the bonds back, a little […]

Wavy Elegant Hairstyles

Wavy Hairstyles with Modern Styles

Hairstyles is a crown of beauty for women, many women who maintain her hairstyles to the salon to merely follow the trend or maintain health. Women choosing hair styles depends on the tastes and the development of fashion today. Women who have wavy hairstyles look beautiful and look more mature. Wavy hairstyles favored by many Hollywood celebrity with long hair […]