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Layered Bob Hairstyles

2014 Blonde Bob Hairstyles on Elegant Hair

The bob is a very popular hairstyle for blonde celebrities like Nicole Richie, Victoria Beckham and Christina Ricci. There are many variations of the bob hairstyle, but they all tend to look great on almost any face shape. They do not require much maintenance, which contributes to their overall appeal. Keep in mind that there are many styles that tend […]

2012 Short Emo Haircuts

Tips for Choosing a Shampoo for Oily Hair

Even if your hair is oily, does not mean you have to wash up to 2-3 times a day. Shampooing too often will affect the production of sebum and even make your scalp and hair gets really dry. If you are uncomfortable with your hair is too oily and interfere with performance, then just follow these few tips.   Tips […]

Hairstyles Color for Girl

Hair Coloring Can Make Cancer?

Hair coloring can be done to camouflage gray hair. However, is it true hair dyes cause cancer? Indeed, the researchers still have not agreed on this. Some of the chemicals contained in hair dyes are believed to be absorbed through the scalp. This area has so many blood vessels, which will drain these chemical substances to other body parts. It’s […]

Jennifer Lopez Bangs Brown Hair Style Trends

Routine Apply Conditioner After Shampooing

Use conditioner after shampooing obligatory. Shampoo hair cleaning properties that can make hair very dry. While hair dyes also tend to create very dry hair. Therefore, it is necessary to restore moisture conditioner for your hair.   Routine Apply Conditioner After Shampooing

Quick Easy Short Hairstyles

Natural Recipe for Thick Hairstyles

Every day our hair should stand up to sun, pollutants, and toxins. Not infrequently we crown also become dry and broken due to the chemicals of hair care products, especially hair coloring products. Not to mention the use of hair dryer and catokan tool that too often make the hair also become more vulnerable to damage. Natural Recipe for Thick […]