Women Layered Hairstyle 2011

Women Layered Hairstyle That Looks Beautiful

Pieces that have a layer can help showcase the best features of the face. Of course, depending on the length of the layer and where only the layers, layer cutting techniques can highlight the cheekbones, beautiful jaw, or eyebrows are laid out pretty. Long hair without layers would make a person look boring, even older than actual age.   Women […]

Nice Women Celebrity Short Choppy Hairstyle,

Girly Short Choppy Hairstyles for 2014

For those seeking individuality and styles there are many styles out there. It is important to keep in mind that certain styles look different on different face shapes. There are a few different face shapes. There are round faces, square faces, oval faces, long faces, and the heart faces.For rounder face is important that you have a few important things […]

New Classic Short Hairstyle

Nice Women Classic Short Hairstyles Reviews

Another thing you should look at when determining the style you are getting the short hairstyles is the age of the cut. You want to look your age, so you want a style that fits. You do not want in your late 50′s and have chosen several short hairstyles that are more oriented for someone in their 20′s. Make sure […]

How To Treat Very Dry Damaged Hair

This How to Overcome Dry Hair

Hair dry and unruly hair is one problem that is often experienced by women in Indonesia. Over 50 percent of women in Indonesia have dry hair condition. “Dry hair occurs due to lack of moisture and the right balance between protein and hair’s natural oils,” said Hernie Prog – Hair Care Marketing Director, PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk as Dove Nourishing […]

Wavy Hairstyles Medium Length

Wavy Hairstyles with Modern Styles

Hairstyles is a crown of beauty for women, many women who maintain her hairstyles to the salon to merely follow the trend or maintain health. Women choosing hair styles depends on the tastes and the development of fashion today. Women who have wavy hairstyles look beautiful and look more mature. Wavy hairstyles favored by many Hollywood celebrity with long hair […]

Spring Hairstyles 2014

Prominent Hair Spring 2014

Prominent Hair Spring 2014 |¬†Hair trends as well as fashion trends are clearly shown on the catwalk. Especially the spring of 2013 witnessed a series of new hair trends and highlights the most exciting fashion season – spring. Summarizing these trends will help you choose the right hairstyle for you this year. Natural beauty crowned Simple hairstyles are back with […]